Young Adults


Young Adults

If you're a young adult or college student, welcome! There are all kinds of ways you can participate in the life of our church. Whether through worship, service, mission, or fellowship, we love to involve young adults in what we are doing, and we recognize the unique contribution young adults can make as passionate members of the Body of Christ.  

We also have an opportunity that is specifically geared towards you - "The Well." "The Well" is a gathering of young adults that meets one evening during the week from 7 to 9 pm. It is led by Chris and Katie Robertson, our Associate Pastor and his wife, as well as Gary and Hannah Eisla. Visit the Events page to see this week's meeting time and place.

The night typically begin with a meal and include some kind of guided study or discussion on anything from a book of the Bible, to faith and politics, to world religions, to relationships, and more. In addition to Monday nights, there are regularly planned activities that range from  fun, group outings to local service opportunities.

So, are you a young adult or college student? Have you ever thought to yourself, "What does it look like to follow Jesus in our world today"? If so, "The Well" is for you. Come and join us on Sunday nights from 7 - 9 pm.  We'd love to meet you!